How to build FlowBetween from source

To build FlowBetween, you will need to install Rust/Cargo and any dependencies you might need for the variant of the user interface you want to build. There are currently three choices of UI:

To compile any of these versions, first download the source from GitHub:

git clone

Cargo will request that older versions are uninstalled before installing a newer version. To uninstall an older version, use the following command:

cargo uninstall flow_between

Web UI

The web UI can be used on almost any platform and can be installed as follows from within the directory downloaded from GitHub:

cargo install --path . --features http

Once it has finished building, FlowBetween can be launched with the flow_between command. You can connect to it using a web browser on http://localhost:3000 once it is running.

Note that browser support for tablet events such as pen pressure varies wildly between browsers and operating systems. So far, Chrome on Mac OS X appears to have the best support. Safari on iOS will work correctly with the Apple Pencil but the OS X version has no support at all for pen pressure.


On platforms where Gtk+ is available, this can be used as the user interface instead. The command to install this version is as follows:

cargo install --path . --features gtk

This version can be launched as flow_between once it has installed and will immediately display its UI.

Note that you can build a hybrid version that supports both the Gtk+ and Web UIs with the following command:

cargo install --path . --features gtk,http

This will display the GTK UI when launched but can also be used with a web UI on http://localhost:3000 as before.

Mac OS X

For the OS X version, the application itself is built by XCode so you will need to have that installed as well as Rust. Start by changing to the XCode directory and retrieving the dependencies:

cd xcode
. ./

Next, open the .xcodeproj file found in the same directory to build the project. You can also download a precompiled version here.